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Pisco Sour: the emblematic cocktail of Peru.

Pisco Sour, the emblematic cocktail of Peru

Pisco Sour: the emblematic cocktail of Peru.

Pisco is without a doubt one of the most controversial, patriotic and mythical alcoholic beverages in the world. Besides that, it makes for an extraordinary tasty cocktail: the Pisco Sour!
This brandy based mix has been popular for centuries in Peru, and many restaurants in Cusco like to offer it as a free drink to their clientes. But Pisco comes with its fair share of controversies.

First of all there is the discrepancy about the exact origin of the name pisco itself . Some say it means bird in Quechua; a species frequently seen in what today is known as the Pisco Valley. The natives of this coastal valley were also called piskos. They were exceptional ceramic artisans and the clay pots they made to keep their local moonshine chicha in were eventually also called piskos. Sailors that transported these pots between the colonies then started naming the drink pisco, after the port of Pisco where it was believed to originate from.

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