Choquequirao one of the 20 world Best Destinations for 2015

Tuesday December 23, 2014
Choquequirao one of the 20 world Best Destinations for 2015

The Inca Citadel Choquequirao has been choosen as one of the 20 world best destinations for 2015, by the prestigious magazine National Geographic Traveler.

It will be featured in the printed edition of the magazine this month. In Quechua, Choquequirao means "golden crib”.

Magali Silva, Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, mentioned the “important recognition”.

"Choquequirao is a wonderful destination due to its wealth of architecture only to be compared with the well known ruins of Machu Picchu (...)", she emphasized.

Choquequirao is located in Cusco, in the surrounding areas of Salcantay mountain.It belongs to the Archeological Park of the same name and there are canals, ceremonial areas, terraces, platforms, and temples among others.

Choquequirao can be reached by a challenging 4 or 5 day trek departing from Cusco. Due to its remote location it is much less visited too.

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