More Peruvians to visit Europe

Tuesday March 15, 2016
More Peruvians to visit Europe

As the Schengen visa agreement finalizes between Peru and the European Union, Peruvian tourism in Europe is expected to increase. The Lima Chamber of Commerce estimates that the number of Peruvians traveling to the Schengen countries will increase by 50% over the next few years.

Gabriela Fiorini, president of the Lima Chamber of Commerce, announced that in 2014, 540,598 Europeans traveled to Peru, whereas only 118,320 Peruvians traveled to Europe. She asserts that this number will change as Peruvians find it easier to visit family and vacation in Europe with the new visa agreement.

In addition to closer ties between Peru and European countries, airlines and travel agencies will also profit from this visa deal. They will be able to sell more tours and trips through Europe, specifically to Spain considering the language commonality.

Not only will more Peruvians visit Europe, but it is also predicted that the number of Europeans visiting Peru will increase by at least 25%, particularly those from Italy, Germany, France, and Spain.

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