Où aller à Cusco?

Le guide de voyage “A propos de Cusco” vous fournira des informations complètes et adaptées pour vous accompagner durant votre voyage au Pérou. Cusco est la première destination touristique du pays, et le nombre de visiteurs affluant dans l’ancienne capitale inca continue d’augmenter chaque année.

Dans la section ci-dessous, nous vous présentons une liste de restaurants, bars et boutiques de souvenirs, ainsi que tout ce dont vous aurez besoin pour préparer votre séjour à Cusco, au Machu Picchu et dans la Vallée sacrée des Incas.

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Restaurants CuscoCusco is considered to be a touristic, cosmopolitan, and modern city, where you can get a taste of various international foods, along with Cusquenean and Andean dishes.
Amongst the most important dishes you can enjoy are: “cuy al horno” oven-roasted guinea pig, “Chiri Uchu” a traditional plate with various cold foods, “Lechón” pork, and the delicious “Lawas” soups with Andean produce that help warm you up on a cold day. Each of these dishes are generally eaten during special festivities. However, you can also find them in some “Quintas” and “Picanterías”, restaurants that offer typical food.
About Cusco, as your trip advisor offers you a complete guide of Cusco´s restaurants.

Bars & Pubs

Bars and Pubs in CuscoCusco is a city that never sleeps; the night life is thrilling and exciting. You can find anything from bars with live music to clubs where you can learn to dance salsa. While in Cusco, you can enjoy your party nights getting to know the most fun places in the city, the majority of which can be found near the Plaza de Armas. About Cusco offers you a complete guide of bars, pubs, and clubs in Cusco. Have fun and enjoy the night!


Shopping in Cusco Cusco is a touristic city that has a lot of markets and artisanal stores where you can buy souvenirs, alpaca clothes, jewelry, paintings from the Cusquenean school, Andean products, etc. Many of these stores work in collaboration with cusquenean communities and by buying their products you will be supporting them. Almost all of these stores are located in the city center, but you can also find some outside of the Cusco city in Pisaq, Chincheros, and other small towns.

Language Schools

Language Schools in Cusco As Cusco is a touristic city, there are various schools that teach different languages to both Peruvians and foreigners. These institutions teach English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Quechua and more. If you are a foreigner and you are looking for a school where you can learn Spanish with ease, here we recommend the best. If you are Cusquenean, don´t wait any longer, learn a new language in these recommended schools.

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