Kanoën en Kajakken

Cusco: Canoe and Kayak
Kanoën is een vereiste voor de avonturiers die Cusco bezoeken. Er is een verscheidenheid aan rivieren en de drie meest bekende in orde van lengte zijn De Urubambarivier, de Apurimacrivier en de Tambopatarivier. Gedurende de tocht kun je ook proberen te genieten van de rijkelijke flora en fauna.


Most tourists that visit Peru have surely heard of the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. The traditional and possibly most expensive tour to Machu Picchu would be the Inca Trail however there are a large number of alternative routes which are less crowded and generally less expensive. They will take you through the impressive high Andes and also through the stunning cloud forest. There are also countless treks around Cusco and throughout Peru which do not end up at Machu Picchu but will leave an everlasting impression on the trekker and will surely be an experience never forgotten.

Trektochten, Mountainbiken en Paardrijden

Cusco: Mountain Biking
Als je een spectaculaire tocht wilt met een grote dosis sensatie is er de 'Inca Trail'. De mooie uitzichten op de Heilige Vallei van de Inca´s, natuurlijke paden en oude Inkapaden bieden een ideale en bijzondere plaats. Er zijn ook andere tochten om te mountainbiken en te paardrijden Deze excursies kunnen voor een dag gedaan worden waarbij het kamperen inbegrepen is. De ideale tijd van het jaar voor deze activiteiten is tussen april en november.

Horseback riding

If you are looking for a spectacular and peaceful way to experience the beautiful landscapes surrounding Cusco, horseback riding in the Sacred Valley will be a natural paths and old Inca trails which will offer incomparable views. There are also other trails for horseback riding which take you alongside a number of famous archeological sites just near to the gigantic Sacsayhauman site behind Cusco. These journeys can be booked for a day or longer with camping included. The ideal time of year for these activities is between April and November.


Cusco: Snow Climbing
Het gebied rond Cusco bezit 3 bergketens met sneeuwtoppen en mooie natuurlandschappen. Deze prachtige uitzichten worden gecombineerd met ideale plekken om berg te beklimmen. De bergketens van Vilcabamba, Vilcanota en Urubamba hebben indrukwekende met sneeuwbedekte toppen, zoals - de Ausangate (6,336 m.a.s.l. - 20,787 feet), the Salkantay (6,271 m.a.s.l. - 20,574 feet) and the Verónica (5,750 m.a.s.l. - 18,865 feet).

Rock climbing

Cusco: Rock Climbing
In the lower parts of the mountain ranges of Vilcabamba, Vilcanota and Urubamba, there can be found several cliffs, with enormous potential for rock climbing. These are almost vertical climbing walls. Experts will be able to find extremely difficult routes, and of course there are also climbs for those who don't have a lot of experience. Rock climbing around Cusco is possible all year long.

Parachuting and Delta flying

Cusco: Paragliding
Cusco is the place to fly. Flights are possible in the morning from the Mirador de Racchi to Valley of Urubamba, also known as "The Sacred Valley of the Incas" (3900 m.a.s.l). The difference between the starting and finishing points is 1000 m and the thermal activity permits very pleasant flight. Cusco and the surrounding area has incredible thermal activity and can be a real treat for experts.

The possibilities for cross country flying are amazing; the cloud bases are generally between 5500 and 6000 meters, and the thermals can be of every type, but always very speedy and potent. Machu Picchu is also a flying area, but only for pilots with a lot of experience who want to take on imposing challenges. A flight over The Citadel is worthwhile trip.

Zip lining

There are a number of zip-lining possibilities throughout the wide vicinity of Cusco. Depending on where is the closest facility for zip-lining in the Sacred Valley also depends on the length of the cables (sometimes up to 2000m in total) and the different views while gliding between valleys. Whichever zip-line you choose, each of them is highly maintained and safety is of the utmost importance to each company so you can rest easy and enjoy the scenery!


Cusco: Fishing
In the river Vilcanota, in the Sacred Valley of Incas, you can catch exquisite rainbow and salmon trout, especially between the months of April and October. In Cusco you can find experienced guides for such activities, who will give advice and ensure your safety while you are enjoying the sport. They can also provide all the equipment and other logistical needs.

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