Cusco - the former capital of the Inca Empire- carries the title of the Archeological Capital of America with pride. Cusco, literally means "navel" in the local Quechua language, and it certainly still fits this description today, as it is at the center of Andean culture. It is the gateway city to the Andes, from where you can easily visit countless sites such as the famous Machu Picchu, one of the most fascinating lost cities in the world. There is no other place in the whole continent where you can easily reach ruins of such an amazing culture which are still in a good condition. The contrast between autochthon and western, history and present, gives Cusco – the former capital of the Inca Empire its special beauty and charm, making it one of the most popular travel hubs of Latin America. Full of life, colors, typical images but also bars, museums, restaurants and cobbled stoned streets with small shops and friendly people this is a great travel destination you will most certainly enjoy!

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Machu Picchu An amazing Inca citadel located at 120 km of Cusco is considered to be one of the greatest marvels created by the man itself.

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On Sunday March 15th in the evening, as we were all preparing for the start of a new work week, we got the shocking national announcement from the president of Peru that we were entering a nationwide

Travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, bars ...

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You look for Travel Agencies in CuscoCusco HotelsLodgingResturantsBars & Pubs,Language Schools, and other services, this is the guide, that you need to be able travel and to be in Cusco Peru

Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru

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AMAUTA Spanish School offers the opportunity to learn Spanish. The school uses many different teaching techniques as well as the chance to study in different locations such as Cusco, Sacred Valley or Tambopata.

Volunteer Programs in Cusco Peru

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The Volunteer Program provides the unique opportunity to live and work in Cusco Peru.
You will experience first-hand the country's rich cultural diversity and its many-faceted heritage.


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