Bars in Cusco

Bars in Cusco

Cusco is known among travelers in Latin America for its excellent nightlife. The Plaza de Armas of Cusco and the surroundings are full of bars and clubs where you can enjoy a night of salsa or reggaeton, rock or any other music style. Besides bars and clubs, you will also find many party hostels in Cusco. So when it's time to party, come to Cusco. Few Latin American cities can match Cusco's party scene and nightlife in Cusco. Check out the best bars in Cusco.

Mama Africai Update 2023: currently closed

The iconic Mama Africa is one of the most popular bars in Cusco. Located on the second floor of the portals of the Plaza de Armas, this place is attended mainly by tourists and Peruvians. They come together on the dance floor to enjoy salsa, techno, funk, hip-hop, or Latin rhythms. Mama Africa is open every evening of the week, and the mixed drinks are heady and cheap. In addition, they offer free salsa lessons. Happy hours are from 8:30-11 pm.


Ukukus – at the corner of the Plaza de Armas - plays a mix of rock and Andean folk songs every night of the week. There is free admission, and you can enjoy live art and music sessions: the walls are decorated with colorful murals of Andean influence. In short, a space that mixes culture and party within the Cusco night.

Nuevo Mundo Update 2023: currently closed

Nuevo Mundo Draft Bar is a paradise for lovers of craft beers. They mix their beers with other high-quality beers resulting in an extensive menu. This bar also serves excellent food like pizzas and hamburgers, and there is a beautiful view of the Plaza de Armas.

Republica del Pisco

The Republica del Pisco is an upmarket establishment specializing in a pisco sour. It's located in a beautiful colonial house on Calle Plateros and offers an infinity of drinks made with pisco (a bit pricier than the other bars in Cusco). The Republic of Pisco is a place of posh. People come together to enjoy dancing, drinks, and an alluring atmosphere. The first floor is dedicated to dining and enjoying drinks. The second floor has several rooms for dancing. The Republic of Pisco is open from 5 pm to 2 am Monday through Sunday.

Los Perros

This cozy bar, with a striking name and attractive decoration, is a more q quite place that offers cocktails and good quality food at a reasonable price.

Bar La Chupiteria Cusco Peru

Bar La Chupiteria Cusco Peru

Mythology Update 2023: currently closed

Mythology is the best bar in Cusco to learn to dance salsa. Mythology opens its doors from 9 to 11 at night with free salsa classes, and after that, when the disco starts, there will be plenty of opportunity to practice your salsa septs. Mythology is open Monday through Sunday, 9 pm-5 am. Unlike other clubs, Mythology has no entrance fee and often hands out free drink tickets. Open since 1999, Mythology has been a popular choice for tourists in Cusco.


Salseros is another excellent spot to dance salsa in the city. Free lessons between 9 and 11 pm before the hordes arrive around midnight.

Paddy's Irish Bar

Paddy's is one of Cusco's golden oldies, a proper traditional pub full of shiny wooden decor and a solid selection of Guinness. Try their full Irish breakfast to settle the stomach on a hangover.

Norton Rat's Tavern Update 2023: currently closed

This American-run bar offers plenty of ice-cold Cusqueña and a few imported European beverages. The food is good, and the outdoor terrace has great plaza views. There's also a pool table and a darts board.

La Chupeteria

La Chupiteria is a fun shot bar, specializes in tasty and exotic shots. A wide range of liquors is available the small bar has a friendly and welcoming vibe. Make some new friends playing Jenga on your night out in Cusco.

Party hotels Update 2023: currently closed

In Cusco, you find a good selection of party hostels where you can ''warm-up'' before moving to the clubs around midnight. To mention a few: Wild Rover, Loki, Milhouse, the Point, Pirwana, Pirwa, and Kokopelli.