When in Peru, eat like the Peruvians! Cuy:the most controversial Andean Delicacy

Cuy, the most controversial andean delicacy

Everyone who visits Peru will soon be faced with the opportunity to sample one of Peru’s most controversial Andean delicacies (at least to tourists), the notorious guinea pig known as “Cuy”.

The exact history of the guinea pig as an important dietary source has been hard to decipher, perhaps due to the small size of their bones, but some archaeologists claim that omestication of these small rodents may have begun as early as 10,000 BC in the Altiplano region of Southern Peru.

Apparently, cuy are very adaptable to their environment though highly vulnerable to drastic changes in climate. This probably is the reason that they particularly enjoy the comforts of living indoors, most often in the kitchen where they are given leftovers, although they prefer and thrive on alfalfa. Quite some families will have as many as 20 cuy and treat them much the same as chickens.

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