Main Christmas Tradition Peru: Cusco Santurantikuy Christmas Fair

The Cusco Santurantikuy Christmas Fair

Main Christmas Tradition in Peru: Cusco Santurantikuy Christmas Fair

Though Christmas time in Cusco might not be what you are used to, it is an unforgettable experience to spend the holiday season in this beautiful town. If if you are traveling in Peru and you don’t know where to spend Christmas in Peru, come to Cusco! One of the great things about a Cusco Christmas is an mayor event called the ”Santurantikuy” Christmas Fair.

Christmas Fair

The Santurantikuy Christmas Fair takes place in the Plaza de Armas on the 23rd and 24th of December, the main day of the fair being Christmas Eve.
Hundreds of vendors flock to the Plaza to set up their booths, where they display various Christmas knickknacks, souvenirs for tourists and typical Christmas food.

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