Accommodations in Cusco

  • What is the price of a hotel in Cusco?
    In Cusco there are hostels and hotels of vary qualitiy in all price categories. If you are on a tiny budget, you can definitely get something cheap and hopefully not too nasty. ($ 3 per bed per night, probably with cold water). If you have some more money to spend, there are really beautiful places where you can spend a few lovely days in Cusco for between $ 25 - $ 120 per double room. For those who want to make the most out of their stay in Peru there are impressive 5 star hotels that charge between $ 200 - $ 350 per single room.
  • Do I need to book a hotel before getting to Cusco?
    In June and July booking accomadation before arrival is a must no matter which star of hotel you are looking for. During the rest of the year, especially if you are travelling on a budget, you have more of a chance of finding somewhere on arrival and maybe doing some “shopping” before making your decision, you can sometimes get a better deal this way, normally only for the lower priced hotels though. However, this is not always true. Sometimes the best deals are offered on the internet or through agencies and not when you are standing in front of the person, tired, after a long trip and your suitcase on the street...

    If you are booking a three star hotel, we do recommend you to book in advance.

    If you doubt, what you can do is book a hotel for the first one or two days, and have a look around before extending your stay at that place (or not). Please note that booking can be made only in hotels with at least two stars. The backpacker hang-outs normally do not take any bookings.

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