Spanish Language in Cusco

  • Help! I do not speak any Spanish at all!
    Don´t worry, you will not be the only one. Peruvians that work in the tourist business normally speak some English although it isn´t great. Bring some “survival Spanish sentences” and a dictionary with you, you will need it.

    However, Peru is much nicer if you do speak some Spanish! There are several Spanish Schools in Cusco that offer “Survival Spanish” for beginners. Your Spanish will be improving quickly.
  • How much time do I need to become fluent in Spanish?
    This depends a lot on the person. Our experience shows that a person who does not speak any Spanish, can achieve a low intermediate level in four weeks of group lessons. This is enough for traveling around and/or for starting your volunteer work. It means you can understand easy, slowly spoken sentences and that you can make yourself understood at a survival level. You will mainly be using the present tense but have already an idea of some past tenses.
  • How much can I learn in one week?
    Our goal is that a beginner in his/her first week will learn to have a basic conversation: how are you, where are you from, how can I get to …X, how much is… etc. and understand the answers. You will review the present tense (mainly regular but a couple of irregular verbs) and you will be able to understand easy, slowly spoken sentences.

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