Hotels and Lodging in Cusco

Hotels and hostels in Cusco Peru can be found in all categories and for prices. Low budget accommodation in Cusco starts at $7 or $8 per person in a dorm and on the other end Cusco offers very luxurious top hotels of five stars that. Peru used to be much cheaper as it is now but you will still be pleasantly surprised by the many nice accommodation options the city of Cusco offers with the old city center, and also just outside.

The price of your hostel or hotel will mainly depend on the location and the building but obviously also on the services that are offered. Most two star hotels offer a breakfast buffet included; most low budget accommodation and hostels, don't. Here below you will find a selection of some hotel accommodation in Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and in Machu Picchu, all in southern Peru.

Hotels & Lodging
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