David Ancca, an actor from Cusco will be the Inca at Inti Raymi 2019
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Friday June 14, 2019
On June 24th, Inti Raymi will be celebrated, Cusco. Inti Raymi is a traditional religious celebration in honour of the god Inti, which is the God of the Sun. In Cusco, it’s every year a big uncertainty who will be playing the character that gives life to the Inca, which is, of course, the most important role of the whole celebration. The actor who is playing this character must meet many requirements, one of which is to speak the original Quechua language fluently....
Friday June 7, 2019
National Potato Day in Peru
Did you know that Peru has over 3500 varieties of potatoes, which is the largest in the world? Furthermore, there are over 700 000 local families in 19 regions that make their living growing these potatoes. Last Thursday, May 30, it was National Potato Day in Peru. A great day to get to know everything about the potatoes. Peruvian potatoes all have different qualities, structures, taste, contents. ...
Tuesday February 12, 2019
Solar Train to Connect Argentina and Cusco
Argentina and Cusco just became a little bit closer. Starting in the northwestern part of the country, in the province of Jujuy, there will be a solar train that will run its course to Cusco, Peru. This is the first solely touristic train in Latin America and the second in the world to run on solar power. The process of completing the railroad and its logistics is a long and complicated process ...
Tuesday November 27, 2018
No increase on entrance fee for Machu Picchu in 2019
In July and August this year it was announced that the entrance fee for Machu Picchu would be increased in 2019. The reason for this would be the rising of promotional fees paid by the Peruvian Tourism Board to promote the country, Cusco, and the world heritage site Machu Picchu. However, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture has now announced that this is not true ...
Thursday November 22, 2018
Reforestation in Cusco with queña tree
One of the most typical trees from the Andes region is the queña, according to the website Cuzco Eats, dedicated to Peruvian food and culture. The queña can be found in the highlands of Peru, Bolivia and Chile, with the most varieties in Bolivia. What makes this tree very special is that it grows at the highest altitudes of all trees, with the ability to produce oxygen above 4000 meters. ...
Thursday November 22, 2018
The luxurious side of Cusco
The demand for luxury-travel is growing in Peru and in especially in the city of Cusco this can be noted. Cusco offers a wide range of five-star accommodation which also focusses on a natural lifestyle and discovering ancient architecture. Read more to find out about the best luxury spots in Cusco.

The city of Cusco is full of hidden gems, stories and beautiful sights. ...
Monday September 17, 2018
Ancient Inca Wall Uncovered In Old Inca-Capital Cusco
A team of archeologists recently discovered an ancient Inca wall near Cusco's Justice Palace, right in the city center of the old Inca Town in Peru. This new site doesn't only show remains of the Inca era, but also old ruins from the colonial and republican epochs.

Several teams of researchers have worked at this site for nearly two months now. ...

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