Machu Picchu Strategy Soon to be Updated

Wednesday January 9, 2013
Machu Picchu Strategy Soon to be Updated

Jorge Acurio Tito, Cusco’s regional governor, has confirmed that the future strategy of Machu Picchu will be updated soon in 2013. In his statements to Andina news agency that the technical committee’s plan will determine aspects such as visitors per day that Machu Picchu can afford to allow sustainably. UGM (Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary Management Unit) President, Acurio envisages the daily intake to be double the current level of 2,500 people, and highlighted that Machu Picchu was awarded the World’s Leading Green Destination for 2012, at the 19th World Travel Awards. He wanted to stress not only due to the Lost Ancient Citadel, but also due to it’s natural attractions, such as the flora, fauna and Inca Trail.

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