Tourism Coming to Machu Picchu Remains Stable and Safe

Tuesday February 26, 2013
Tourism Coming to Machu Picchu Remains Stable and Safe

Mincetur, Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, has rubbished reports of lower levels of tourists arriving at Machu Picchu as a result of the threat on US tourists. The Shining Path’s threat does not seem to be deterring tourists, with Jose Luis Silva, the head of Mincetur, revealing that figures of Machu Picchu entries from the past week are similar, if not higher than the previous year.

They are also taking steps towards removing the warning – with officials from the US embassy in Lima holding talks with the Peruvian Government. "We are confident that when the ambassador receives the information which proves Peruvian authorities are taken preventive actions to ensure the safety of tourists, they will take off the cautionary note, which is not a recommendation, just a warning," Silva added.

Silva also insisted that the tourism industry in the Cusco region hasn’t been affected by the warning, and economic activity remains at a normal level for this time of year, being low and wet season.

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