Peru, a popular tourist destination for Germans

Tuesday May 7, 2013
Peru, a popular tourist destination for Germans

Peru is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination for Europeans, and particularly German tourists. This is mainly due to the people, the jungle, all the historic sights, and the food, according to the renowned associacion ARGE Latinamerika.

According to Andreas Gross, the head of ARGE Latinamerika, the tourists see the appeal of the Peruvian lifestyle, culture, nature and gastronomy.

"A few decades ago the average German traveler was interested in museums or cathedrals. What is important today is the personal experience, getting to know the context, incorporating the environment and cultural and social aspects, and Latin America has much to offer in this regard," he told Deutsch Welle.

The German tourists in Latin America enjoy the sun and the beach, as well as the Peruvian culture and scenery. Still others shy away due to the threat of crime and high prices.

Latin America still lags behind Asia and Africa in terms of long-haul destinations for Germans, but it is definitely increasing in popularity due to its interesting attractions and various countries.

According to a survey of tour operators, 61 percent of respondents recorded an increase in trips to Latin America and only 22 percent showed a decline in 2012.

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