Machu Picchu tickets to fund new mega museum in Cusco

Wednesday July 24, 2013
Machu Picchu tickets to fund new mega museum in Cusco

The regional governor of Cusco has unveiled a new plan to devote about $8.6 million yearly of the Machu Picchu entrance fees toward constructing the Grand Tahuantinsuyo Museum in Cusco.

According to an Andina news agency report,  the governer of Cusco, Jorge Tito Acurio, said that 15 percent of the $59.7 million generated annually by the Inca citadel generates every year would be used for building and maintaining the museum.

The Grand Tahuantinsuyo Museum will be located near the Sacsayhuaman ruins in Cusco city, and the cost is estimated to be around $100 million. According to Tito Acurio, the museum will rival some of the world´s most famous.

“We’re going to create a museum that’s parallel with the Louvre in Paris or the Armitage in Russia,” Tito Acurio told Diario 16 this pasy May. “We’re in the process of buying a 500 hectare property very close to Sacsayhuaman and this whole project will cost around $100 million”.

The museum will hold many of the pieces that Yale University returned to Peru, along with the original paintings that are currently located in various museums around Cusco.

Currently, Machu Picchu’s revenues are being used to maintain the Inca Trail, the National Service of the State Protected Natural Areas, and in the Regional Directorate of Culture, according to Acurio.

The Grand Tahuantinsuyo Museum should open in late 2014.

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