Chocolate lovers rejoice Peru is home to the worlds rarest chocolate

Wednesday August 28, 2013
Chocolate lovers rejoice Peru is home to the worlds rarest chocolate

One of the most expensive Peruvian exports may never have been discovered if 2 Americans traveling through Peru had not sent samples of their finding to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to be tested.  The genetic tests revealed something unexpected – the Pure Nacional–Peru´s prized cacao tree living in one of the highest altitudes ever known of for this type of tree.  Good Food reports that the tree is being named Fortunato in honor of owner of the property where it was located.

This ingredient, which is sued to make the rarest chocolate known to man, is being shipped from Peru´s Andes mountains to locations all around the world, including to Tasmania, Australia.  This tree creates a mixture of 40% white bean and 60% purple, allowing for a less bitter chocolate. 

This is a very complex, powerful chocolate. Its like no other, Van Gerwen, owner and chief chocolatier at the House of Anvers, in Latrobe, Tasmania, Australia  told Good Food.

‘‘I’m from Belgium and I’ve tasted the world’s greatest chocolate, and this is the most rich, the most exquisite by far,” Van Gerwen, who plans to see the football-sized pods the trees produce in person in March, told Good Food. “This is what chocolate would have tasted like when it was being enjoyed by European royalty.”

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