Sonamos Latinoamerica is Coming to Peru

Wednesday September 4, 2013
Sonamos Latinoamerica is Coming to Peru

The South American wide event, the Sonamos Latinoamerica, debuted in 2006 in Argentina, in order to spread interest in Latin America music.  The event has been getting larger and more popular every year.

It originally began as a 1-country fest in Argentina, and since has been held in Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Uruguay. For the first time, this year, Sonamos is coming to Peru, and it’s projected to be a large scale event.

The festival will include concerts, educational activities, documentaries, workshops, etc., as well as radio broadcasts from Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Uruguay.

Marisa Tidu Pérez Manrique, event organizer, expressed her excitement over the festival finally occurring in Peru.   “As a representative of the musician Renzo Gil, I went with him on his tour of Argentina and Uruguay, and restlessness was born, an eagerness to take this festival to Peru. Last year the idea solidified and we have been preparing the Peruvian edition of the festival since last October.”

“What we’re most excited about, is that the young people come. We want the youth of Peru to learn about our music and about Latin American music. We’re hoping that music students take advantage of the workshops. This is a unique opportunity to get to know and be part of the Latin American music scene as Latin American citizens.”

She pointed out that everyone is invited to all events, which are free to the public with the exception of the closing gala.

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