Evening Flights to Cusco are Perfectly Safe

Wednesday September 11, 2013
Evening Flights to Cusco are Perfectly Safe

Starting early September, the Cusco evening schedule for flights arriving at and departing from Velasco Astete has been extended from 5:30 to 7:45. CANATUR has stated in their press release that the airplanes will have with cutting-edge technology allowing them more accurate and efficient navigation. Airlines coming in and out of Cusco will use Required Navigation Performance (RNP) technology, which helps navigation even during moments of impaired vision.

Carlos Canales Anchorena, president of CANATUR, has stated that “[RNP] allows for much more precise aerial navigation and completely safe operations even in conditions of reduced visibility, which helps avoid delays and flight cancellations.”

“This new technology, which is considered the most modern system worldwide, lets us operate with 100% safety in conditions of reduced visibility— conditions that before would have required us to delay or cancel flights,” Canales Anchorena mentioned in the release. “This system allows the same level of safety and efficiency for flights, even without daylight.”

Canales Anchorena also pointed out that RNP technology helped 30,000 travellers avoid delays or cancellations while flying to or from Velasco Astete in the first year of its implementation.

Additinoally, the release noted thatRNP technology allows planes to travel more efficient routes, helping to reduce CO2 emissions as well as noise pollution.

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