Planned Project Aerial Tramway to Choquequirao Ruins

Wednesday September 18, 2013
Planned Project Aerial Tramway to Choquequirao Ruins

The impressive Choquequirao (¨cradle of gold¨ in Quechua) ruins are not easily accessible – the trek to the ruins is extremely difficult and strenuous. This important site is thought to be the last refuge of Inca royalty that fled Cusco during the Spanish conquest. In order to reach the ruins, it´s necessary to hike through a steep canyon and precipice – quite a difficult trek. Because of this, only a handful of tourists ever visit the ancient city of Incan royalty.

Recently, however, plans have been approved to build the first aerial tramway in Peru to the site of the ancient ruins. The project will cost upwards of $45 million, but will make the ruins accessible just fifteen minutes from the nearest main road. The tramway will be about three miles long and will be able to transport 400 people each hour. The tramway will be located half a mile above the river below. Eventually, officials hope that the tramway will transport about 3,000 tourists per day to the ruins once it opens in 2015.

This project will generate increased tourist services and an increase in the number of tourists who visit the Choquequirao ruins. Cusco officials also hope that this will lessen the burden of tourists visiting Machu Picchu – which is limited to 2,500 visitors each day.

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