Peruvian artist shows Machu Picchu Beijing

Tuesday October 29, 2013
Peruvian artist shows Machu Picchu Beijing

People in Beijing can admire a big presentation of Machu Picchu, made by the Peruvian artist César Paredes. Paredes makes amazing floor paintings that simulate three dimensions.

In Beijing he now made a big presentation of the important old Inca town: he has drawn Machu Picchu on the ground  but if you look at it, it seems that it is sinking into the ground.

It took him five days to make this art work that will be there for a while. Fortunately, according to Paredes the idea that will be deleted after a while doesn’t ‘hurt’.

"For me the important thing is the record: I record the whole process from zero to the final picture, turn it into a video, and from there, long life on the web”.

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