Cusco and Lima, ideal cities for backpackers

Wednesday February 12, 2014
Cusco  and Lima, ideal cities for backpackers

According to a list published by Price of Travel, a database of travel costs in over 110 cities around the world, Cusco and Lima are top destinations in Latin America for backpackers.

Only La Paz (Bolivia) and Quito (Ecuador) are doing better than Cusco, that appears in the third spot. Lima is number 5 at the ranking.

There are various reasons why Cusco scores well in the list: in the first place, it is a cheap city, it offers a long list of affordable hostels, a savvy backpacker can make it for US$27 per day.

Another reason is the many cultural activities in the city.

The reason given for Lima’s spot in the list is the combination of the amazing architecture, the dynamic nightlife and the European way of life.

Price of Travel accentuates Lima’s district Miraflores as an especially good stay for backpackers. According to the database, a backpacker can stay in Lima for around US$31 per day.

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