Peruvian university creates video game about Cusco Rebellion of 1814

Thursday February 27, 2014
Peruvian university creates video game about Cusco Rebellion of 1814

Peruvian students that are bored with dry history texts, will now have now the opportunity to learn more about Peru’s history in a more unconvential way : a recently developed video game.

The video game design of the Universidad Católica del Perú, called Grupo Avatar, has developed a video game about the Cusco Rebellion of 1814, an important conflict that might have lead to the Peruvian Independence War.

According to Grupo Avatar, “The game tells the story of the events of the […] Cusco Rebellion, led by the Angulo brothers and Mateo Pumacahua in 1814, which would later become known as one of the first strikes in the fight for the independence of Peru,” says a representative of Grupo Avatar, who also states that the game was developed because of the approaching bicentennial of Peruvian independence (2021).

“We are now looking to remember our history though a 3D strategy game [played in] real time’, according to their website.

The group says that the game could be used in a classroom setting as a way to engage students in an unconventional way.

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