Cusco receives help from World Bank to deal with climate changes

Thursday March 6, 2014
Cusco receives help from World Bank  to deal with climate changes

World Bank initiative will help the Cusco area deal with floods and landslides, both of which could be intensified by climate change.

The Andean city of Cusco has received assistance from the World Bank to strengthen local climate change adaptation planning and to deal with floods and landslides.

The World Bank’s disaster risk management team in Latin America recently piloted a regional study and technical assistance initiative in Cusco.

The initiative’s main objective was to support Cusco and four other cities in, among others, Nicaragua and Brazil, with their adaptation planning for floods and landslides, two of the most recurrent climate-related hazards in the region.

The cities are struggling with the same challenges caused by rapid urban growth, weak capacities in urban planning and inadequate provision for public services and infrastructure.

And did not have access to climate change adaptation (CCA) training, financing or knowledge networks.

Thanks to the World bank, the city of Cusco has now an Institutional Strengthening Plan that identifies priority investments and activities to strengthen institutional capacities for climate change adaptation.

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