3,000-year-old graves found in Cusco

Tuesday March 11, 2014
3,000-year-old graves found in Cusco

Excavators working in the city of Cusco have discovered a burial site containing five individuals from the pre-Inca Marcavalle culture, a pre-Inca society.

Three of them were adults at the time of their deaths, while one was a child and the other an adolescent. Andina news agency reports that the skeletal remains date back to around 1,000 BC.

The burial site contains two double graves and one single grave and it ws was und on land owned by a Cusco center for juvenile rehabilitation. No intact human remains of the Marcavalle culture had previously been found.

In addition to the skeletal remains, beaded necklaces, tools made from obsidian and camelid bones as well as ceramic fragments bearing artistic motifs known to be associated with the Marcavalle culture are found in the graves.

Archaeologists are now planning to continue excavations in Cusco to learn more about the Marcavalle but they need a budget of approximately USD $ 365,000.

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