Remembering the Famous Tupac Amaru II by a Five Day Horseback Ride

Friday March 21, 2014
Remembering the Famous Tupac Amaru II by a Five Day Horseback Ride

Cusco, Peru is known for its creative and intriguing celebrations that honor important historical figures. When you visit Cusco, you are able to see for yourself the importance that people place on leaders of the past. One of the most renowned leaders from Peru is Tupac Amaru II who led the rebellion against the Spanish government in 1780. Even though the rebellion ended in defeat, Tupac Amaru II is recognized for his amazing bravery to fight for independence.

The Tupac Amaru II Association of Riders and Saddle Horse Breeders, for the fifth year in a row, will take a five-day horseback ride to remember the life of Tupac Amaru II. The ride commemorates the 272nd anniversary of his birth on March 19, 1742. The journey is called; “By the Route of Tupac Amaru II” and more than 80 people will ride through the provinces of Cusco: Canchis, Canas, Acomayo, Quispicanchi, and Cusco. The ride will be full of fun activities, such as stopping at a lake and visiting a vicuña farm.

Acording to the ride´s coordinator, Yuri Baca Sanchez, anyone who wants can participate in the event. Sanchez also assures that there will be doctors, police, and veterinarians throughout the ride to provide care during the horseback ride. Sanchez feels this celebration will help bring the people of these regions together and teach them to value their history and culture more.

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