Best Five Restaurants in Cusco, Peru

Wednesday March 26, 2014
Best  Five Restaurants in Cusco, Peru

Here is a selection of the best five restaurants in Cusco according to the journalist of Peru this Week. All are close o the Plaza de Armas, the central square in Cusco.


It is the best burger that you will find in Cusco, Peru. The restaurant is owned by Gaston Arcurio, an amazing Peruvian chef who went to cooking school in Paris. He knows how to make the delicious and traditional food of Peru even tastier. Their meat is of great quality and they even make veggie burgers for those who would prefer to not have the meat. Papacho´s is also known for its amazing desserts and their extremely creamy milkshakes. The restaurant is situated in the Plaza de Armas.

Jack´s Cafe

p>It is well known for its great pancakes, chocolate cupcakes, french toast, and fresh juices. If you want to eat great for a pretty reasonable price then this is the place to do it. Most gringos really love Jack´s so it is often busy. However, the service is good so the wait is usually not too long.


This is a very fancy restaurant that has small portion sizes, but the quality of the food is incomparable. You can either sit at the bar or pay S/7 more to be seated in the dining area. If you would like to eat there on Friday or Saturday, it is best to make a reservation. One of its most popular dishes is the Alpaca Carpaccio. Cicciolina is located on the second floor of an old, colonial home near to the Plaza de Armas.

Greens Organic

It is known for its healthy soups, tasty pastas, delicious juices, and teas. The restaurant has a spacious atmosphere and is a very comfortable place to eat. If you would like something a little healthier for you, you can find Greens Organic on Santa Catalina Angosta 235, near the Plaza de Armas.

Paddy´s Irish Pub

It is a great place to hang with friends and get away from the Cusco rain. It is a typical Irish pub that prides on being the highest in the world. Their fish and chips, hotdogs, and burgers are all great. You will find both Peruvians and tourists in this restaurant, located right next to Papacho´s in the Plaza de Armas.

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