Archaeological Pieces from Cusco Stores are Confiscated by Authorities

Wednesday April 2, 2014
Archaeological Pieces from Cusco Stores are Confiscated by Authorities

When travelling and exploring through Cusco, Peru, tourists are overwhelmed with the Inca and pre-Inca history and all their beautiful textiles. In order to protect the artifacts Police have been confiscating antiquities mainly throughout the San Blas area, according to news agency Andina.

Police Major, Yuri Cervantes, said they found 180 objects from the Inca, Chimu, and Chancay cultures. Cervantes stated that these archaeological pieces were most likely robbed or stolen. The law strictly prohibits selling colonial and pre-Hispanic artifacts and the authorities plan to charge the people who were caught selling these objects. Peru has a big problem with the theft of historical artifacts. The authorities are working to end this problem and preserve the great past of Peru. However, it is very difficult to control the selling of archaeological pieces and thus may never be put to a complete stop. Some objects from the colonial and pre-Hispanic times can be held in private collections, but they should be registered with the Ministry of Culture. In recent years the government has come to agreements that have helped recover hundreds of artifacts. All of these new agreements are working to protect the past and bring about a better future for Peru.

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