Authorities Hope to Stop Streaking at Machu Picchu

Tuesday April 8, 2014
Authorities Hope to Stop Streaking at Machu Picchu

Cusco, Peru is most famous for the ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come every year to see this famous and historical site. Unfortunately tourists have recently gotten into the habit of behaving inappropriately at this monumental place. There have been many visitors from the United States, Canada, and Australia who have been streaking and taking pictures at Machu Picchu. The authorities are not happy about it and feel it is a sign of disrespect. They are now looking to find ways to stop it.

Ricardo Ruiz, the regional director for Culture in Cusco, says that the Tourism Police and his office are planning to sign an agreement to put an end to all such obscene conduct. They also plan on installing 12 high-definition security cameras in Machu Picchu to help with surveillance. Along with these cameras, the government is looking to enforce new rules. For example, tourists must have an official tour guide and they will only have a certain amount of time to be at the site. The tactless conduct of many tourists forces Peru to place more regulations on visiting Machu Picchu. Hopefully with all the new rules that come into place, the careless conduct of tourists will stop.

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