Another Vandalism Incident in Cusco

Tuesday April 8, 2014
Another Vandalism Incident in Cusco

Tourists from all over the world come to Cusco, Peru to see the ancient traces the Incas left behind. The city tries to protect these important historical artifacts, but sometimes that does not happen. Just recently a few kids vandalized an Inca wall by writing with spray-paint on 15 stones. They also went around vandalizing homes in the nearby Amargura street. Later the kids were caught and taken to the Family Commission and then later released.

Unfortunately this type of vandalism is not uncommon, as less than a month ago, there was another similar incident. Ricardo Ruiz Caro, head of the Regional Director for Culture, reports there were about 33 incidents last year, and there have already been four this year. He suggests that Cusco create a special prosecutor´s office to help handle these issues and to help prevent similar cases. He states that as of right now there is no office that concentrates on these types of crimes.

Some blame this incident on the lack of surveillance and believe it would help to bring more into the area. Cusco is looking to raise awareness about the importance of these historical treasures and it is hoped that incidents such as these will be prevented in the future in order to help preserve the outstanding history and culture of Cusco.

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