How to Satisfy Your Late-night Hunger in Cusco

Friday April 25, 2014
How to Satisfy Your Late-night Hunger in Cusco

Cusco is well-known for its nightlife, great bars, and thrilling clubs. Tourists during their travels love to party it up dancing and drinking, and why not enjoy yourself on vacation? Nevertheless, there are those long nights when you have drunk too much and your stomach just wants something to munch on. Most likely McDonald´s is open at the late hours of the night, but if you are looking for a new spin on your typical hamburger, then dirty burgers are a great option.

These nice, little snacks are usually only found at night. So if you go by the same street the next day, looking for the burger stand that satisfied your hunger the night before, it is likely you will not be able to find it. With a cheap price and a great taste, you can find this burger stand on Plateros street at the late hours of the night. All the burger combinations are more or less the same, but you are able to choose your condiments and toppings to make it your own. Make sure to bring change because anything larger than a 20 soles bill will be frowned upon. Order your hamburger and eat it hot right on the street and then go home and rest. It is as easy as that.

During the high season when there are many tourists, more of these stands pop-up around the same area, but they may not have as good of quality. Normally they should cost about 3 soles or somewhere in that price range. Those who are not used to the food bacteria in Peru may want to stay away from the lettuce and anything else you think will do your stomach harm. However, generally the burgers are just fine to eat and you should not be too worried. When it´s in the middle of the night and you are hungry, look no farther. Go to Plateros street and pick you up this delicious snack to hold you over until the next day.

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