Bad day for restaurant Bembos in Cusco

Thursday May 15, 2014
Bad day for restaurant Bembos in Cusco

The Peruvian fast food chain “Bembos”, located on the plaza de Armas de Cusco, had to face some serious problems.  Legal authorities and investigators found a half-ton supply of expired food products in their restaurant, the kitchen and in the storage.
According to Bembos representatives, the expired products were not intented to be used nor sold. Among the expired products different bread products, chicken meat, hamburgers,  sausages and sweet potatoes were found.
It has been reported that Bembos will have to pay a fine of  S/. 3,800 for the infraction and that the authorities in Cusco plan to further investigate the case to determine the potential health risks posed by the sale of the expired foods.
The expired food items will be incinerated.

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