Aid for those affected by strong winds in Cusco and Ayacucho

Thursday November 13, 2014
Aid for those affected by strong winds in Cusco and Ayacucho

The National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci) reported that they continue with the delivery of humanitarian assistance to those affected by the strong winds in the regions of Cusco and Ayacucho.

The Pichari district in the Cusco region was affected and received 1.7t of goods consisting of roofing sheets and mattresses. Also, the state government provided the town with 19.5t of goods consisting in bedding, mattresses, plates, spoons, cups, shovels, picks, crowbars and roofing.

The same situation occurred in the district of Llochegua, Huanta province in Ayacucho, where regional authorities transferred land from its warehouse in Guamanga, 912.32kg of goods consisting of mattresses, blankets, folding beds, jerry cans, buckets, knives, buckets and spots.

Indeci and the Centre National Emergency Operations (Coen) are monitoring the situation and coordinate with local and regional authorities about the humanitarian actions in the area.

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