Ancient Inca Road system now World Heritage Site

Wednesday June 25, 2014
Ancient Inca Road system now World Heritage Site

The Ancient Inca Trail called Qhapaq Nan has been named a “World Heritage Site” at the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee (WHC) in Qatar last Saturday.

The UNESCO voted to grant the prestigue status to this enormous network of roads with a total extension of more than 30,000 kilometres in South America that were once used by the incas.

The acient road runs through six South American counties (Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador), built in the most diverse terrains, crossing high snowy peaks, linking communities in the Andes mountains to fertile valleys, rainforests and deserts.

Inclusion on the Unesco list has a significant economic impact as a World Heritage site is eligible for financial assistance towards preservation. The new status is also a powerful way to attract more tourists form all over the world.

The six countries, including Peru, came together to submit the bid for its nomination and have to work together now in order to preserve and restore the ancient road syste, which reached its height in the 15th century as the Qhapaq Nan  - also called the
Great Inca Road - linked the Incan capital Cusco in present-day Peru with the vast reaches of the impressive Inca empire.

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