Ancient Inca Wall Uncovered In Old Inca-Capital Cusco

Monday September 17, 2018
Ancient Inca Wall Uncovered In Old Inca-Capital Cusco

A team of archeologists recently discovered an ancient Inca wall near Cusco's Justice Palace, right in the city center of the old Inca Town in Peru. This new site doesn't only show remains of the Inca era, but also old ruins from the colonial and republican epochs.

Several teams of researchers have worked at this site for nearly two months now. In those two months, many things have been discovered, such as animal horns used to make tools, Inca ceramics and an original Inca wall. All in all, there is a lot of archeological proof found at this certain place in Cusco.

This project helps us to understand Cusco better, as we can determine the origin of Cusco’s old city center, and we can find out if it was planned to build Cusco in a specific way. Also, we can gain more knowledge about the influence of colonization on Cusco's city structure.

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