Archaeological Site of Muyu Orqo Undergoes Renovation

Tuesday September 19, 2017
Archaeological Site of Muyu Orqo Undergoes Renovation

The archaeological site Muyu Orqo, located in Southern Cusco, recently received some renovations and preservation work this past week from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture.

With the support of locals in the area, specialists cleaned and cleared vegetation covering several structures and carried out other forms of maintenance on the “colcas”, or storage facilities used during Inca times.

Ives Bejar Mendoza, one of the head archaeologists at the site, highlighted the strategic location of the structures for food preservation based on the relatively low humidity in the area that would affect any crops. Each colca contained insulation air ducts that also kept the food fresh and these were renovated by the group as well.

National Police and local authorities protected the group of conservationists who had been the subject of threats by people who invaded the area and had been recently evicted.

Bejar called on "leaders and the local population to reflect on the issue and contribute to protecting and preserving our cultural heritage."

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