Beautiful photos by Martin Chambi exhibited in Cusco

Saturday September 20, 2014
Beautiful photos by Martin Chambi exhibited in Cusco

From the 19th of september till the 19th of october large format photos will be exposed throughout the historical center of Cusco. The exposition is dedicated to Martin Chambi. Chambi was an indigenous photographer born in Coaza, on the north of Lake Titicaca, Peru. He is considered one of the great figures of photography.

Chambi is known for his photos that portray the Peruvian population. Not just the indigenous people, but also the population in general. His photos show a profound biological and ethnic testimony. He was always looking to learn more about the craft of photography and learn from other photographers. He spent a long period of his life in Cusco. Therefore he shot many photos in the Inca Capital. The photos will be shown at the exact spot that Chambi took them from.

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