Campaign for a new Biosphere Reserve at Machu Picchu

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Campaign for a new Biosphere Reserve at Machu Picchu

News from Cusco: Cusco´s regional government along with a group of tour operators are campaigning to the United Nations to have them recognize a part of land from Choquequirao - a ruined Inca city in La Convención Province of the Cusco Region – to Machu Picchu a biosphere reserve.

A biosphere reserve is an area that is nominated by local government and approved by UNESCO as an area which can demonstrate a sustainable balance between economic development, conservation of biological diversity and cultural values. They are seen by UNESCO as ‘Science for Sustainability support sites’ where understanding of sustainable development can be advanced.

The campaign has support from local communities who hope that with the creation of a new biosphere reserve which if approved by UNESCO would be known as the Cusco Inca Biosphere reserve it will help to diversify tourist attractions in the area and in turn help to spread the visitor load. Plans also include creating an alternative to the Inca Trail 4-day trek.

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