Celebration of Saint Sebastian in Cusco

Tuesday January 26, 2016
Celebration of Saint Sebastian in Cusco

Last week, Cusco celebrated Saint Sebastian with dances, processions, and mass in the very district that displays his name, San Sebastian.

The celebration took place on Tuesday and Wednesday and was filled with typical dances, fireworks, and church traditions. There was also a parade in remembrance of the Saint.

The colorful dances were performed by 20 different groups and done in front of government leaders, Mayor Andmar Sicus and his right hand men.

Mayor Andmar Sicus boasted that the Saint Sebastian celebration has been celebrated since colonial times in Peru. It has gained so much momentum that Puno, a nearby city, contributes 7 dancing groups to the festival.

The Mayor expresses his joy in remembering Saint Sebastian and his memories of dancing Misticanchi for 18 years before he was elected in the government.

Locals and foreigners alike journeyed to San Sebastian´s cemetery on Thursday to observe other cultural activities. This festival continued until Sunday, when the farewell festivities ended this grand celebration of Saint Sebastian.

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