Chiri Uchu at San Juan de Dios

Friday September 16, 2016
Chiri Uchu at San Juan de Dios

This typical dish from Cusco is generally served during the Corpus Christi celebrations in June, but also in the beginning of September during the festivities of San Juan de Dios.

The mixed plate is eaten cold and with the hands. Chiri uchu literally means “cold meal” while it exists out of a large number of different ingredients from the regions of the Tahuantinsuyo (the Incan empire). All these ingredients unite and represent all the gastronomic cultures that were represented in the ancestral Peru.

On its base you can find corn and a torreja (a Spanish omelette made out of corn flour, “chompis” potatoes, onions, yellow squash and spices). On top, the meat of the guinea pig, chicken, jerky (chalona) and sausage (salchicha). Topped with kernels of gold, a slice of cheese from Puno, sea weed and fish eggs (caviar). Finally, a slice of rocoto pepper finishes this unique and very traditional dish from the Incan empire.

While this dish is eaten, it is recommended to put little bits of everything at the same time in the mouth in order to receive the most authentic and pure flavour of this dish. At the festivities of San Juan de Dios, people come together eating chiri uchu while musicians play and artists brighten up Cusco.

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