Choquekirao: cable car to attract more tourists

Friday April 13, 2018
Choquekirao: cable car to attract more tourists

Now it is a 4 to 5 days spectacular and challenging hike in Peru, the Choquekirao trek, to finally get to see the impressive sister Inca city of the Machu Picchu – Choquekiroa - .. But shortly a 15 minutes ride with a cable car will be all what’s needed to get to see the beautiful site in Peru.

When you want to visit the amazing Choquekirow ruins now, your best option is the trek. The choquekirow trek normally last around four days and starts at an altitude of 1500 m. You hike over the beautiful Apurimac river and pass by beautiful villages like Santa Rosa, Marampata, Cachora, and Capulioc. The trek started in Cachora - only a four hours ride from Cusco. But shortly it will be a two-hour ride to the Choquequirao site itself!

The entire Choqueirao treks cover a total of 31 kilometers. But of course, not all travelers can do this amazing hike - and currently, there are no other options like bus or train tours. Therefore, having instead of the trek a 2-hour car drive and a 15 minutes cable car ride is an outcome for everyone that do not have the time or the physical ability to do the hike.

61 million dollars were invested in the project to promote tourism and develop infrastructure to the area. The project is expected to benefit 290 000 Peruvians and has the intent of shifting from a mining economy to a more diverse economy. Now, Choquequirao has only 5500 visitors each year (15 a day). After a 1ne year, Choquequirao expects to have raised the number of visitors to 150 000.

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