Choquequirao wins first place in ´´Regions´´ category on Lonely Planet

Friday November 4, 2016
Choquequirao wins first place in ´´Regions´´ category on Lonely Planet

The archaeological site known as Choquequirao won first place in the ´´Regions´´ category on the well-known Lonely Planet travel website.

Every year, Lonely Planet releases a new list for the best places to travel for the next year. Their list for 2017 was recently released, and Peru´s Choquequirao made the list!

The list names the best countries, cities, and regions for travel destinations. Choquequirao was picked as the first choice among the top 10 regions to visit in 2017.

Choquequirao is located in the south of Peru and can be accessed by a two-day hike. The site is composed of impressive buildings and terraces that exhibit the great work of the Incas.

Peru contains a plethora of tourist attractions, as it was home to the impressive Incan culture. Not only is the famous Machu Picchu bringing more and more tourists to Peru, but other attractions, such as Choquequirao, are also growing in popularity.

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