Costa Rican President visits Machu Picchu

Wednesday March 30, 2016
Costa Rican President visits Machu Picchu

Peru and Costa Rica are looking to build their relationship and increase the ties between the two countries.

Evidence of this is the visit of Costa Rica´s President Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera to Machu Picchu last week. President Rivera, his wife Mercedes, and his daughter Ines all traveled to Peru´s famous archaeological site.

The Mayor of Machu Picchu, David Gayoso Garcia, held a ceremony in the President´s honor. The President was awarded a medal and ´´the key of the city,´´ giving him one of the highest honors that Machu Picchu can offer. The ceremony occurred in the main square of Machu Picchu town.

The Costa Rican president commented on this honor: ´´I believe this would be a very good way to start a twinning process to bind all of us together.´´ He further states, ´´It is an honor to explore Machu Picchu along with my family. To us, this has been an exciting and moving opportunity to get in touch with our peoples´ roots, because, for me, staying here and visiting our grandparents´ heritage is a tribute to all America.´´

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