5 Countries to Participate in Restoration of Inca Trail

Wednesday October 18, 2017
5 Countries to Participate in Restoration of Inca Trail

Technical teams from the Qhapaq Ñan Project in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru are participating today in an important practical workshop for the conservation of the Inca Trail. Restoration work will be carried out by the teams on the Chinchaysuyo road, particularly on the Hawkaypata-Izcuchaca section.

During the workshop, the teams will restore the stone walkways and walls, learn the preparation techniques for the mortar and lay the bases and foundations, among other restoration activities.

The head of the Decentralized Department of Culture of Cusco, Dr. Vidal Pino Zambrano, inaugurated this workshop in an event held in the district of Poroy outside of Cusco where research, restoration and the enhancement of the Inca roads are currently being carried out.

"These roads extended the frontiers of Tawantinsuyo to the present countries of Ecuador and Colombia and we are restoring it so that we all know the integrative role that they had during the Inca period" said Dr. Pino Zambrano, welcoming the representatives of the 5 countries.

The workshop will be held until October 25, during which time the route will be made to Chinchaysuyo. Experiences and knowledge will be shared so that the work of conservation and restoration can be carried out with greater efficiency, in the sections located in Cusco and Peru, as well as in the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador, where remnants exist of the network of pre-Hispanic roads previously declared Cultural Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

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