Cusco: best value for Money in Latin America!

Wednesday March 28, 2018
Cusco: best value for Money in Latin America!

Although airfares might be a bit high, traveling to Central America and South America is a great adventure. Latin America is certainly well worth a visit. And especially the city of Cusco - now been named #1 Best Affordable Vacations in Central and South America!

U.S. News and World Report named Cusco as the number one in their travel ranking "Best Affordable Vacations in Central and South America." This list wants to highlight places where people can get "the best bang for their buck." In other words: it might not be the cheapest location, but, it offers the tourist the best value for their money.

The list is 50% percent decided by the public, who are invited to vote. The other 50% are votes from travel experts, who have a lot of knowledge about the different tourist destinations in Latin America.

The website also gives tips on how to save money in Cusco, including, buying the Cusco Boleto Turistico, which grants you entrance to over 16 tourist attractions in and around Cusco.

Another tip is to simply walk to your destinations and places you want to visit. Cusco is pretty centered so anything you need you can do by foot. Otherwise, the bus is also a cheap option, only costing you 0,8 soles!

Another tip to keep it affordable is to arrive in September, October or November. Around this time you will find better hotel and tour rates than in June and July.

Many tourists make the trip to Cusco with the goal to visit the Sacred Valley and the Machu Picchu, the world's most photographed tourist destination and of course one of the seven new world wonders! But Cusco does not only evolve around the Lost City of the Incas but also has many other attractions for which the tourists often their stay longer in Cusco than they had planned.

But, there is even more! The city of Cusco was not only the winner of the Best Affordable Vacations In Central And South America; but it was also second on the list, Best Places To Visit In August! This is mainly because of the weather: in August, the colder period of the year that started in May ends at the end of July.

And lastly, Cusco was also sixth on the list Best Places To Visit In Central And South America, because of the overload of culture (and simply because Cusco is a great place)!

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