Cusco Dominates List of Top South American Destinations

Friday April 7, 2017
Cusco Dominates List of Top South American Destinations

The Cusco region dominated a list of Tripadvisor's top South American destinations. To be exact, three out of the 25 destinations that made the list are from the Cusco region, including Machu Picchu, Urubama, and the city of Cusco itself.

This list was created from the opinions of Tripadvisor users, based on their experiences in different parts of South America including Peru. These travelers decided that as a destination, Cusco warranted second place, followed by Urubamba in fifth place, and finally Machu Picchu coming in at number 11. However, Machu Picchu topped a different Tripavisor list, where it was voted the number 1 landmark in the world.

This is not the first time Cusco has performed well in a Tripadvisor ranking. In fact, Cusco recently made a list of top destinations in the world. In this particular Tripadvisor list, Cusco ranked among such destinations as Bali and London.

Many travelers feel that Cusco region has lots to offer, with grandiose colonial era buildings and rich history in the city, beautiful hikes and scenery in the Sacred Valley, and access to a stunning World Wonder at Machu Picchu.

Outside of the Cusco region, Peru was still represented in Tripadvisor´s top South American destinations, with Lima claiming the number 12 spot on the list.

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