Cusco’s Halloween & The Creole Song

Wednesday October 29, 2014
Cusco’s Halloween & The Creole Song

Every year on October 31st Cusco celebrates not only Halloween, but also the day of the Creole Song. These two parties co-exist and are celebrated together. Everyone has heard of Halloween; dressing up like a creep, asking for candy and scaring the living hell out of people. How different are the celebrations for the Creole Song.

For people in Cusco Halloween means one big party, mainly on the Plaza de Armas. Kids and tourists dress up and have fun. Since both occasions are celebrated at the same time, you will find people in costumes attending the day of the Creole Song that could easily be part of the crazy Halloween scene. A popular costume is that of the Negroide, the Afro-Peruvian who is a symbol for Creole Music. The music roots from the Peruvian coast, but is also celebrated in the highlands. Here, the typical Creole songs are mixed with regional music. On the 31st of October, many cafes, restaurants, schools and radio stations play the music made by wooden box drums and guitars all day long.

The Day of the Creole Song is a traditional celebration, unlike Halloween. Parties for Halloween are more about going crazy and who wears the funniest costume. In the Fallen Angel restaurant (Plaza Nazarenas 221) for example there is a competition on who dressed up best. The theme of this year is science fiction.

On the Plaza de Armas there will be live music and people in Halloween costumes.

On Avenida el Sol (pasaje Grace 614) there will be a Karaoke night especially for Halloween and the Day of the Creole Song.

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