Cusco Hosts The Chaski Challenge

Tuesday August 16, 2016
Cusco Hosts The Chaski Challenge

For the second year in a row, Cusco will host an event called ´´The Chaski Challenge,´´ a well-known race through the Andes Mountains.

The Chaski Challenge is known as the most important mountain race of Peru. It will take place in the Sacred Valley of the Incas on August 20th. The race will offer three different distances: 80K, 80K Relay, and 30K.

The various distances will dip below and ascend above 3,000 meters, some even reaching 4,400, 4,500, or 4,700 meters on the passes.

Participants in the 80K will begin at Huaran and participants in the 30K will begin at Huacahuasi. All races, no matter the distance, end in Ollantaytambo.

The Chaski Challenge will bring 66 foreign runners from 21 different countries. Registration closed with a total of 250 runners, greatly exceeding the 92 runners that participated in last years´ race. Peruvian trail runners Emerson Trujillo, Stalin Carrasco, Manuelito Figueroa, and Nicolas Miranda will be among those participating in the famous race.

This race through the Andes is the first mountain race to be labeled with the Peru Brand and accredited by the Peruvian Athletics Federation. Runners wait in anticipation as this exciting event approaches at the end of the week.

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