Cusco-Puno Train is ranked among the best in the world

Thursday May 12, 2016
Cusco-Puno Train is ranked among the best in the world

Traveling by train is a wonderful way to see a new place. It is a unique and unforgettable experience to pass by gorgeous landscapes. In fact, the travel magazine Lonely Planet made a list of the best places to travel by train, and Peru was one of these top locations.

The specific route mentioned in the magazine is a train that connects Cusco and Puno. Puno is a small city on the edge of Peru that is the gateway to Lake Titicaca. Many tourists travel to Puno in order to see this well-known lake.

The route takes around 10 hours and has been described by the Lonely Planet as a unique combination of colonial and religious splendor that adds to the famous Inca stones. The lake is situated at a high altitude, so the air is fresh and the sun makes the water sparkle.

The list also declares Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe (South Africa), Rocky Mountaineer (Canada), Orient-Express Venecia-Simplón (Italy), and Coast Starlight (United States) as the best train routes around the world.

The train that goes along this route is called Peru Rail, and it won 1st place in the world travel awards in 2013, when it was deemed the leading luxury train in South America. This trip from Cusco to Puno will be an unforgettable and excellent experience for tourists coming from all around the world.

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